Gig Report: Peavey Bandit Silver Stripe

If you follow my social media, you'd know I picked up a Silver Stripe Peavey Bandit a few weeks ago at a bargain.  I have a special place in my heart for Peavey Bandits.  I spent most of my formative years playing through my dad's Teal Stripe Bandit.   I also "borrowed" a Silver Stripe (with... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Vox MV50 AC

Street Price: $219.99 Overview Vox made a splash a few years ago with the release of it's MV50 series of amps.  Touting a new technology they call "Nutube,"  they are an all-analog 50 watt compact tone machines.  I'd say it's the smallest amp head I've ever encountered without being in a pedal format.  With a... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Orange Micro Dark Terror

Street Price: $189 OverviewOrange really revolutionized the amplifier market with its original Orange Tiny Terror series of "lunchbox" style guitar amps.  Typically about the size of a lunchbox, simple controls, lower power, "lunchbox" amps are great bang for the buck as far as portability, tone, and power.  Every manufacturer has a "lunchbox" amp now.  So... Continue Reading →

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