Buying Guide: Klon Klones Under $100

I get it, the original Klon Centaur pedal may be a polarizing, over-hyped, over-priced pedal.  Also, the subject of cloning pedals can also be polarizing.  I'm not here to make those arguments, these products are out there and getting cheaper and cheaper.  I'm just trying to compile what's on the market to let you know... Continue Reading →

Buyers Guide: 5 or 6 Tube Heads That Are 5 or 6 Watts For Under $500 (2019 Edition)

The market has been flush with 5-6 watt tube amps in recent years.  This seems to hit the sweet spot as far as playing at home, small rehearsals, or even gigging (if you're mic'ing the amp).  I own more than several at the moment, and have previously owned a few more.  So hopefully, this quick... Continue Reading →

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