Gift Guide For The Guitarist In Your Life, 2019

Have a special guitarist in your life, but you’re unsure what to get them for the holidays? These practical gifts would put a smile on anyone’s face.

PlasMaller Pick Holder With A Variety Of Picks


Us guitarists are constantly losing picks. This comes with both a big holder and a keychain holder. It also comes with a pretty good variety of picks. Pretty cool.

Hercules Guitar Stand

These are my favorite stands, they keep the guitar safe and secure. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing a guitar fall over.

D’Addorio Restringing Tool

Changing strings is a must, this tool makes it a breeze.

Ernie Ball Tool Kit

For more of the DIY guitarist, this tool kit will help them keep their guitars in tip top shape.

Boss Katana Mini

This fun little amp can run on batteries, it’s a great grab n’ go practice tool.

Vox Amplug Headphone Amp

Or for even quieter practice, this cool little amp just goes through headphones!

Mooer GE-100 Multi-Effects Pedal

Multi effects pedals are great for exploring new sounds without having to buy a whole bunch of pedals.

Strap Lock Washers

Perfect stocking stuffer on a budget. These simple yet effective strap locks will prevent the strap from slipping off the guitar.

A Hand Cart

If the guitarist in your life is playing gigs, or constantly moving their rig and complaining about their back, this is a must have. Holds the weight of pretty much any guitar amp out there, and it folds up super flat to fit in the car too.

Roland Go:Mixer

There are so many smart phone apps for music creation. Pretty much everyone had a smart phone too. This is an interface that allows you to plug your guitar, or any audio source, into your phone to use the apps. (Caveat, I’ve only tried this with iPhone, I can’t speak for how well it works with Android).
Disclaimer: All links above are affiliate links.



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