Guitar Memes, Volume 2

I keep having more and more fun making these memes, so I’m going to try to keep them coming!


Seriously, wear some hearing protection folks!

Thanks, Musician’s Friend

I had fun with this format. Who else spent hours drooling over Musician’s Friend catalogs in the pre-internet days? I would just read it front to back, memorizing all the specs, dreaming of one day getting all this gear.

We guitarists are a weird bunch.

This is another format I had fun with, and I could probably make a thousand with this concept. What other weird quirks and obsessions can you think of?

Thanks Mom

Moms can be a buzzkill sometimes. And this goes to all the Craigslist ads that call a Squier a Fender and an Epiphone a Gibson. GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE!

Fender Is Going All Cersei On Us

Only the most worthy can sit on the iron tone-throne!

I Went A Little Blue On This One

I’ll just leave that here.

The Future Is Here, Old Man

You can keep your wall of amps, grampa, I’m living in the future!


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